Nutritional Information and Benefits

From as early as 1930′s, chlorella was the subject of international research as a good quality staple food at times of food shortages.

By the 1960′s, research had shifted to health benefits as its incredible nutritional yield was understood. By 1970′s chlorella was very well known as health food in The Far East.

Nutritional therapists and other Practitioners of complementary medicine have been recommending Sun Chlorella for many years. Examples are because chlorella contributes to immune health and also because it helps to maintain a normal colonic function.

Certificate of Analysis for Sun Chlorella® ‘A’

Current Supplement Facts

% of NRV
/ 100g / 3g
Iron 4.3 162.0 4.9 35
Vitamin B12 0.007 0.23 0.07 276
Vitamin D 29 899 27 540
Folic acid 0.036 1.2 0.036 18
Manganese 36 1.08 54
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